The Artist

Following service in the Royal Navy, during the latter 1970s, Ross attended Art College, where his knowledge of ships was invaluable in the illustrating of a huge cutaway of HMS Belfast; for the World War II cruiser moored on the Thames. The finished picture has been displayed on the ship ever since 1985. This epic production brought his artistic skill to the attention of a leading maritime book publisher, who commissioned Ross to write and illustrate four books in a new series called 'The Anatomy of the Ship'.

On leaving college, he worked for 20 years with several Artists' Agents, illustrating children's books and worldwide postage stamps.

In 2006, he was afforded an opportunity to provide ship cutaway illustrations for the Royal Navy newspaper, where a chance commission to paint a warship's portrait, and importantly, also providing enough prints for the Ship's Company, led to his starting a new venture called Naval Broadsides. The Ship Gallery here, shows the naval paintings he produced during this time, many of which were especially commissioned by commanding officers.

Ross hopes to continue painting warships, but also intends to diversify his range of subject matter; so please, 'Watch This Space!'

If you're interested in commissioning a painting from Ross Watton, please contact him.